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VPS Hosting

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A Virtual Private Server VPS is the type of hosting which is preferred by small and medium-sized businesses. This hosting plan provides control almost like the expensive dedicated server but the charges are inexpensive and closer to shared hosting prices.

What is VPS Hosting

A VPS is a single server which is divided virtually to work like multiple servers using virtualization software. Each of these servers has its own operating system. Each virtual server is set to be independent and has its own functions enabled by virtual technology. VPS hosting is cost-efficient, saving money for the customer while providing high performance web solutions which are flexible and secure.

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Benefits of using VPS Hosting

There are many ways you can benefit from VPS Hosting.

Value: VPS hosting is a great compromise between shared and dedicated hosting while keeping prices down. It overcomes the drawbacks experienced while using shared hosting. VPS hosting is affordable and popular among users since the cost of software, hardware, maintenance and network connection are spread over among users.

Security: VPS hosting provides more security than shared hosting. Although dedicated servers offer the best protection, VPS hosting provides protection from other users without charging high prices. It operates in an isolated environment making it more secure than shared hosting.

Resourceful: In VPS hosting you are provided with resources which you need unlike in shared hosting where you share and compete for resources with others. As a result, your business has an opportunity to grow without limitations.

Flexibility: VPS hosting gives you more flexibility than shared hosting. You will have a choice of software and operating system. You can create your own customized web applications and use add-ons in your server which functions like an independent server in a separate computer.

Stability: Unlike in shared hosting, the flow of traffic in other websites and the activities of other VPS users will not affect your own. Your website will be stable because it will be independent of other people’s actions. In shared hosting one reckless move by one user might have an effect on your website because you share the server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Concerns

Despite the many benefits VPS hosting brings, there are some disadvantages which require your attention before opting for this type of hosting. You need to actively manage the server allocated to you. You will need to update the operating system from time to time and also apply the necessary security measures which require technical knowledge and a lot of your time.

Another drawback is that you will be sharing the hardware with other VPS users and you will not enjoy the full stability, flexibility and optimal performance of dedicated servers.

Who needs a Virtual Private Server

Users who have outgrown shared hosting are ready for VPS hosting. However, if shared hosting is serving you satisfactorily, you should continue with it due to the low price. If you require higher performance and enhanced security for your website then VPS is a good option.