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Shared Hosting

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Shared Hosting4.50 out of 50 based on 2 voters.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and also the most popular hosting plan in the world. Webmasters who are new to web hosting prefer shared hosting plan because it is affordable and easy to use. There are many providers of these web hosting solutions which make it difficult for users to choose the right plan. We have made it easy for you to pick the most reliable shared hosting provider by analyzing ratings and reviews by real users who post genuine comments.

Shared hosting is the most commonly used hosting plan due to its affordability and ease in its application. Most users create websites using cheap shared hosting solutions and move to VPS and dedicated hosting as their businesses grow. For most individual and business needs shared hosting is enough.

1 Godaddy Web Hosting $2.99 100 GB
Bing Ads $50 Credit
Facebook Ad $50 Credits
One-click set up
Unlimited storage & bandwidth
Scalable to your business needs
24/7 security monitoring
Godaddy Reviews
2 Host Gator Hosting Reviews $3.96 Unlimited
$100 Google AdWords Offer 4,500 Free Website Templates
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Shared SSL Certificate
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Host Gator Reviews


How You Can Find Shared Hosting Plans

Web hosting has become one of the most sought services today, making the demand to rise in the last few years. Individuals and businesses have discovered that, having online presence is the way to go if they have to tap the potential online market. They have realized that, web hosting makes them visible online. They therefore use the advanced technology to create websites in order to generate revenue and attract potential customers. Other users build websites to further their hobbies. All these users have made web hosting an industry which is rising in demand as more people are now able to access the internet.

You need to search for the best solution which meets your needs by considering certain factors before you make a choice.

The Features: Users of shared hosting solutions have access to limited features, only the ones which the provider offers. Depending on your goals, you need to search the shared web host that offers the best features which you require for your website since different web hosts offer different features. You should list down your requirements and then start the search to get what you want. Different web servers provide different features so it is important to research.

Support services: Support is very vital and it should not be overlooked because something might go wrong when least expected. Many users change providers when support fails to respond to their requests. The best web host providers have responsive 24/7 support through email, phone and chat.

Reliability: For a shared hosting plan to serve you best, it must be reliable otherwise it will lose its usefulness. Find several shared hosting companies which you know are reliable and choose the best that suits your website requirements among them.

Affordability: Shared hosting is cost-effective but you should search for the best prices for quality service because rates vary with the company. Competition lowers prices while improving the services so you should shop around for affordable prices.

Location: The location of the hosting provider is important. You should choose the hosting provider that is near your customers so they can download your website pages faster because of the shorter distance the data travels.