5 SEO Metrics You Should Not Obsess Over

5 SEO Metrics You Should Not Obsess Over
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There are metrics which do not tell you much about the performance of your website so you should not obsess over them. These are metrics which are not geared towards providing data to help you track your website success. You should discontinue collecting data on the following.

1.Search Engine Rankings

There are webmasters who measure their SEO popularity by the percentage of the number of times their sites appear on the first few Google pages. Unless your business appears within the first 10 top rankings, it may not get noticed by online visitors. Browsers have millions of websites available to them and only a few keen ones search beyond the first 10 ranking results.

People have a tendency of browsing the first top 10 rankings and if your business appears after these, very few people may notice it. Only a few visitors search beyond the first page. Try to have your website ranked on the first page of search engine ranking results. Measuring SEO success by the number of times your site appears within the first pages may not portray success unless it is on the top page.

2. SEO Page Rank Toolbar

Google releases scores of SEO tool Page rankings to the public only a few times annually. Although you should check this up to know whether you have been penalized by algorithm updates, you don’t need to obsess over it. You can check it sometimes but not all the time.

3. Flow of traffic

The number of visitors who visit your website, whether they are just a few or they are in millions does not matter unless you convert them to shoppers and subscribers. If you attract visitors but you do not know the conversion rates, then your efforts are meaningless.

You should adopt a conversion rate strategy that helps you to know how rewarding your efforts in attracting more traffic are. If this generates more revenue then you should put more emphasis in it. You should concentrate more on when and how to get the flow of traffic that generates revenue to your site.

4. Social networks

Social media networks have become effective marketing tools which generate links and a flow of traffic to websites. Your business will gain a lot by having social profiles on Google, Facebook and Twitter. The number of social media ‘likes’ and ‘re-tweets’ should not be a great concern to you, unless they generate leads to sales and subscriptions.
The most important thing is whether the links to your website convert the visitors to shoppers or subscribers, which in turn increases revenues. If they are just Twitter ‘re-tweets’ and Facebook ‘likes’ which are just numbers, you should not worry about them whether their number increases or decreases. Concentrate more on quality content and links which search engines use in their rankings.

5. Superficial Contests

There are certain online contests which you should not obsess yourself over, for now. These include PeerIndex, Klouit contests among others. Although they may have the potential to increase popularity in the future, currently you should not waste time on them. Tracking and increasing scores using these sites should not be your concern for now, because this may not enhance social influence of your business.

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