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1 and 1 Hosting Reviews
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1 and 1 Hosting Reviews4.37 out of 50 based on 49 voters.

1 and 1 is among the largest hosting companies in the world. It was founded in 1988 to resell technology products and has paved its way to be a well recognized web hosting provider and domain registrar. The company provides a host of web solutions which include domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting and business listing (local) among other services. 1 and 1 has a customer base of over 8 million having registered more than 10 million domain names. It provides rich features for any budget or skill level.

1and1 hosting Reviews


• Wide range of Products & Services
• 24/7 Support on Phone and Email
• Cloud hosing
• Linux Hosting
• Windows Hosting
• Access to Site Builder
• 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The 1&1 well-designed website builder is easy to understand and very easy to use even for beginners but it comes with a price. The company uses its customized control panel which is not easy to use especially for those who are just starting out. The business templates are based on different sectors in each niche and the user will have access to HTML and also CSS for those who want to create their own websites.

You can transfer your domain names to 1&1 or re-direct them there. If you need a basic website you can choose the business sector you wish to specialize in but if you need an advanced solution you may need to look elsewhere.

Dedicated Servers

1&1 operates 5 data centers and not many web hosts can reach the scale this company has reached. The company provides 8 different dedicated hosting plans each of which has its own allocated CPU (GB RAM) power. This company offers Cloud hosting in Linux or Windows and a variety of hosting packages which makes it easy for clients to upgrade or downgrade their plans.

Hosting Plans

1&1 has four plans - Dual Basic, Dual Advanced, Dual Unlimited and "MyBusiness Site". Beginners can have their website within minutes if they have "MyBusiness Site" plan.


During sign-up customers get $100 Google Adwords free credits, $75 Yahoo free credits and $100 on CitySearch.

1&1 is over-priced when you consider its limited IP address and limited bandwidth especially when it is compared with other web hosts providing similar services. The PLUS package offers a mobile-website template and e-commerce store capability although it is pricey. Unfortunately their competitors offer these features in their free plans.


Server uptime is an issue and this lowers the reputation of 1&1 despite being a big hosting company. The poor uptime on average makes their servers unreliable and users have therefore posted complaints and negative reviews about this.
The support team is responsive but they don’t seem to offer useful solutions. This has made them receive negative reviews from users all over. They do not have live chat.
Experts rate 1 and 1 as "Average". The dedicated hosting is not that outstanding although other features are.

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  • Isabella

    I hosted with 1&1 recently but from the start they have made my life difficult. First, after registering my domain name they kept telling me to verify my account which I tried several times but they were returning errors. My website has been down for the last 2 days without notification. This has affected my work negatively. What is worse is that I cannot cancel my contract until 1 year is over. I tried to transfer my domains so I could use them elsewhere but I was surprised that they blocked them.
    1 and 1 may look like their packages are low-priced but in the end they end up being expensive due to the phone calls you make to present your complaints. There was a time I spent 2 hours on phone explaining to them my problem but even after all this time the problem was not resolved. I was very disappointed so I cancelled the contract by email. They have been billing me ever since and charging my credit card without my authorization. So, give them your credit card information at your own risk.
    I phoned them 3 times but every time I did they claimed that they had not received my emails. I faxed them, sent emails and asked if I could talk to one of their supervisors but all this was ignored. I make long-distance calls and I have used more than $100 calling which defeats the low prices they offer.

    posted by Isabella Monday, 25 March 2013 05:50 Comment Link
  • Emma

    They are experts in overcharging services and increasing their rates from time to time. They advertised low rates for domains and I applied but later they charged my credit card for the full amount. They also upgraded my hosting to a more expensive plan without my consent and this really got into my nerves. I sent them an email explaining all the details but they refused to cancel this upgrade.
    Beware of 1&1. They offer low prices to allure customers to sign-up but once they get you they hike the prices and they do not allow you to cancel after the trial period. I hosted 20 domains with them because of the low introductory price but when they increased the rates I requested them to cancel some of the domains but they rejected my plea.
    Stay away from them.

    posted by Emma Sunday, 17 March 2013 02:11 Comment Link
  • Joshua

    I was a customer at 1&1 but after much effort they could not provide the services I needed. Technical support agreed that this was not possible although I was misled that it was possible when I was signing up. They advised me to cancel my subscription since they could not help me. I therefore cancelled my contract the way they instructed me but they are still billing me for services which I am not using. This is ridiculous. They have even sent me a debt collector. When I contact support no one seems to be of much help. First, they could not help me now they are chasing me. Keep off at any cost.

    posted by Joshua Saturday, 02 February 2013 07:14 Comment Link
  • Ethan

    I have been with 1&1 for 3 years now due to their reasonable prices for so many features. Their features are appealing specially when updating since they allow you to add web pages although their uptime is not 99.9% guarantee. Before I signed up with them I read their contract and FAQ carefully and I knew what I was getting into. I liked the free trial because if you don’t like them then you have an option to leave them before sign-up. I am going to continue hosting with 1&1, their price is incredible and I have not experienced hidden charges.
    Although they may not be the best I have no complaints. I am lucky to be a web developer so I know how to go around some of the issues on my own. What took me long to get used to is their interface. It is restrictive and confusing. It’s also difficult to keep up with all their controls.
    Customer service is great but it may not be prompt like many people expect although that is obvious with such large companies. I have hosted over 40 domains with 1 and 1 and set-up a chain of websites with them but I don’t have any unusual problems which I have not encountered elsewhere. I monitor the servers using Monitis. Previously I had hosted with other web hosting providers who could not provide what 1 and 1 provides. I am happy with their quality services and I would recommend them to anyone else.

    posted by Ethan Friday, 21 December 2012 22:35 Comment Link
  • Michael

    I cancelled my subscription after being with them for 2 years. Technical support is terrible and unless you have some technical knowledge this may not be a good web host for you. They take too long to respond to queries and the time wasted on phone calls is not worth it. They did not address the issues raised and seemed to dodge the questions my clients were asking. When you call them on phone they keep you waiting for hours and finally put you offline. Then you wait for them to call back but they don’t return calls or reply to email requests on time. They have no live chat on the internet.
    They have been billing me since I cancelled my subscription and they will never let you go. Finally, they have turned me to debt collection agency and this will destroy my credit. Avoid them by all means they will hook you and will never let you go. When you complain to them, they tell you to email to ‘’Complaints’’ department. It takes a lot of effort to get your refund. Be careful they are not what you see from their attractive adverts. Not Recommended.

    posted by Michael Sunday, 07 October 2012 11:41 Comment Link
  • Jacob

    We signed up for cloud server packages to host clients’ accounts and 1&1 technical support assured us that everything would be OK since they had installed emergency backup in case of a disaster. Unfortunately things did not go as they had assured us. When the servers went down we lost a lot of data since they did not have updated backups. We spent over a month trying to update clients’ files. This was a daunting task since most of the information had been lost. We lost some of our loyal customers due to this problem.
    They compensated us by crediting our account but business has never been the same again.

    posted by Jacob Friday, 21 September 2012 15:27 Comment Link
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