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Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated servers provide many benefits to businesses. Larger businesses require much more than what is offered in most web hosting plans which share web servers and resources with others. This may not be appropriate for certain organizations especially those that receive huge traffic in their websites and those which deal with monetary transactions and sensitive data.

More disk space, bandwidth, security, high performance, control and flexibility are some of the benefits of dedicated servers. They are one of the most flexible and secure servers in the market today, since they are not shared with other customers. A single server is allocated to one customer or to a single business or company. The hardware is leased to the customer with all the resources needed including all the disk space, RAM, bandwidth and other resources needed. The hosting provider monitors the network, internet connection and the routing equipment.

1 Godaddy Dedicated Server Hosting $99.99 160 GB
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OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 - 2 cores
Storage: 2 x 160 GB hard drives
3 dedicated IPs
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2 ServerPronto Hosting Reviews $49.95 500 GB
N/A AMD Athlon II X2
100Mbps/ 1Gbps Uplink Port
99.999% Uptime Guarantee
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3 1 and 1 Dedicate Server Hosting $59.99 250GB
N/A AMD Dual-Core 2.2 GHz
100 Mbit for quick connection
Windows Server 2008 R2 available
Includes Parallels® Plesk Panel 11
1 and 1 Reviews


The server is maintained at the data centre and the customer remotely manages it using certain software. This allows the customers to install the software programs of their choice. They have options to choose the programming languages, the operating system they want and to customize web applications depending on their needs. Dedicated servers are the most reliable and most secure servers in the market. They give users more flexibility, control and security than in typical web hosting plans. The servers give optimal performance making them the best.

Different types of dedicated servers

There are two types of dedicated servers-unmanaged and managed hosting.
Unmanaged hosting: This plan is best suited for those with technical expertise, resources and those who have the time because the management of servers is the responsibility of the customer. This involves-:
? Carrying out software updates
? Installation and configuration of web services
? Administration of database applications
? Managing and installation of security measures
? Booting and switching off the server
The unmanaged hosting requires the customer to carry out the day-to-day maintenance of the web servers. On the other hand the hosting provider manages and any repairs the hardware and routing equipment, monitors the network and internet connection and troubleshoots any problems.

Managed hosting: This arrangement is for customers who prefer to have the hosting provider manage the web server on their behalf. The customer leaves the hardware, software and management of the server to the service provider who provides security, internet connection, network monitoring and hardware repairs and maintenance. This solution is best for customers who do not have the technical know-how and those who have no time for managing a dedicated server.

Who needs a dedicated server?

This solution is the best for large companies with demanding needs who have outgrown the shared and VPS hosting and require more security for their data, and also those who receive a lot of traffic in their websites. Before making a decision of whether leasing a dedicated server is the best for you, you need to consider the high price charged in comparison with other hosting prices.