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Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting4.50 out of 50 based on 2 voters.

Cloud servers and cloud storage services have gained popularity among users today, whether they are small and medium sized businesses or enterprises.

Cloud services have made backup of online computer files easier and more secure than ever before making cloud hosting a popular service among businesses, professionals and organizations. The demand for cloud services has been rising with the realization that, the readily available online computer files can be accessed from anywhere in the world even remotely, giving the user a lot of flexibility. This service is convenient and appealing to users. You can now access all your important photos, pictures, videos, files, documents, music and data which have been stored at any time 24/7 from wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet.

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This is a great service with many benefits securing your important files, programs and data from loss, corruption or deletion. You are also able to concentrate more on other areas of your business leaving online storage to cloud service providers. Files which were once inaccessible can now be accessed and shared with clients, business partners, employees etc. using desktops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It is our goal to help you find the best cloud service provider for your needs and we make it easy for you. We have in-depth knowledge of cloud data storage and this, coupled with expert and customer reviews helps you choose the most appropriate cloud storage provider for your needs. We have our criteria which we use consistently to come up with the best online storage companies which offer file security and controls to ensure protection of data.

All the cloud storage companies reviewed on the website have to pass the quality check based on 10 factors which we consider crucial to offering top quality cloud service. Each provider is reviewed thoroughly based on the same criteria. In addition to this, our experts who also use the 10 point-check provide unbiased professional reviews from the technical point of view which we take into account together with real customer reviews. It is always good to know how customers who have used the service previously have rated the cloud storage provider.

When reviewing each of the companies on the website we rate the categories from 1-5 based on what is important to consumers. We record the scores from the professional reviews and real customer reviews and then total the scores to come up with the overall rating based on the 10 point-check system which consumers consider as the keystone to excellent service.

The following are the 10 categories which we use to check quality of the services that we review.


When rating cloud service companies we analyze the features offered and how useful they are to the consumer. There are cloud storage companies that offer a wide-range of features some of which may not be of any benefit to the users. When we are reviewing a company we analyze their comprehensive and rich features in detail to determine whether they meet customer needs and requirements.

These include-:
? Free Trial Storage Offers
? Online File and Data Storage
? 100% Fully Automated Online Backups
? Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime
? Encrypted Data
? Pay-as-you-use Pricing
?? Synchronization With Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets

Value for Money

We review cloud data storage companies that offer their customers the best value for their money. A company may charge a low price but this does not necessarily mean it is offering customers the best value for what they pay. To gauge the value they provide relative to what they charge, we assess the company as a whole based on what they provide and then use these findings to come up with the rating of the companies reviewed.

Some providers charge higher prices and are rated relatively since they provide storage space, superior features, efficient and reliable service, excellent customer service among other things and we weigh this against the cost. We ensure that each cloud storage company we have listed earns its position fairly without any bias.

Uptime Reliability, Efficiency and Scalability

It is expected that, the cloud storage service has a 99.9% uptime network or more. Many companies have an uptime guarantee that ranges around that figure. However, there are cloud storage providers that may fall below that expectation due to unavoidable circumstances. They should inform their customers in advance so they can make more informed decisions when they are selecting the cloud storage company. We ensure that this is done so customers are not disappointed and we only list the companies that adhere to such requirements.
The best online storage service is able to quickly and efficiently deploy extra servers during heavy traffic when demand rises and deploy the servers when demand falls, saving energy. On-demand availability of resources and pay-as-you-use make cloud services convenient and cost-effective.

Storage Space

The storage space the company provides is an important factor which we consider while rating service providers on our website. The storage space available is measured against the cost that is charged to determine the value for money the consumers enjoy. If the storage space is limited and the charges are low the provider may not provide the best value for money like a company that offers unlimited storage space at a higher rate.

Ease of Use

We rate the cloud storage services by testing how easy the service is to both the technically savvy users and the novice. Any service that is easy to use for all groups is rated highly while reviewing the service providers on our website.

Customer Service

To rate the customer service departments, we actually use their phone and chat services as well as other types to gauge how customers are served. This way we experience first-hand service just the way customers have it. We check the response time they take to answer the phone, chat, email, ticketing system and other forms as well as the time it takes to resolve the issues presented to them. We particularly pay attention to their promptness or speed, reliability and efficiency and how useful their service is to customers.

Technical Support

Any service that is backed by a team of friendly, responsive and helpful technical support agents is a good choice. However, when the team is knowledgeable and efficient in resolving issues quickly this is what counts in addition to all the rest and we take into account all these factors.


To come up with the overall rating we add up all the scores of each company based on the above categories and rate the online cloud storage providers from the highest to the lowest. When the cloud storage consumers look at the ratings, it becomes easy for them to choose the provider based on what they consider important to them. Each consumer has different needs and expectations and we take all this into account to help them make more informed decisions.

The cloud storage service consumer is important to us and that is why we assess the services and report whatever we find directly on our reviews to be of great service to each user. We have a forum where consumers who use the services leave comments and rate the companies from their experiences. When this is considered along what the experts in this field have to say, you can take our word and depend on it on the cloud service review we provide.